I don’t know how this town does it. But every time I leave Hamburg, back towards „Pott“ or the Ruhr area, it feels like something is missing in me. But from the beginning.

Shortly before the turn of the year I went up to the north to Lübeck to visit a good friend, not only to celebrate the turn of the year together but also to take pictures, because she wanted to see how a shooting like this works at my place. And so we got to know Lisa, a wonderful person and photographed a little homestory in her parents house.

After Lübeck I went to Hamburg for a few days. As already mentioned at the beginning. This city does something with me. And I’m sure some day I’ll move up north. I just have to move through the streets and I’m happy. But of course I wasn’t just there for that – I had been looking for people for homestories via Instagram, because this area is still missing in my portfolio. And I met for a coffee with Philipp from Cherrydeck. But more about that in other posts.

The Homestories not only in connection with little dressed models must stand was my resolution. I wanted to cover as wide a range as possible. You will find a small selection at the end of this post.

For me it only remains to say goodbye to Hamburg. See you at Easter. ❤️