Free Lightroom Preset: Melody

Free Lightroom Preset: Melody

A few years ago I tried a lot in photography and did a lot of shoots in a small studio. There I have also photographed with a former work colleague, Melody where this photo was taken. This was the moment where the preset "Melody" was created - which was the basis for my black and white photos until today - including the black and white series with Esther.

Shortly before the end of the year I would like to share this preset with you. For free.

Lightroom Classic
Installation is simple, just open your Lightroom Classic, go to the Development tab. In the lower left corner you can find all of your installed presets. Just click the + symbol and select the .xmp file.

On the new Lightroom, go to Edit, switch to Presets, click on the three dots and select Import Presets.